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Shopping Mall

352.000 m2


Akasya Acıbadem, the undertaking that delivers most recognized and appreciated Turkish and global brands to its guests, has launched as the most ambitious project across the Anatolian Side and Istanbul, offering diverse social life options, a 10-decare park and easy access by metro, metrobus and Marmaray lines.


Akasya Acıbadem is a highly-anticipated project, boasting 80 thousand square meters of rentable space. The complex brings together leading Turkish brands, while also acting as the gateway for globally-renowned brands to enter the Turkish retail space for the first time. Akasya Acıbadem launched on March 6th, Thursday, featuring large, roomy and daylight-receiving corridors inspired after the Bağdat Avenue for street shopping enthusiasts, and 15 cinema halls equipped with the cutting-edge, one of Europe’s biggest largest LG IMAX Hall.


Akasya Acıbadem hosts its visitors with a wide selection of industry leading brands in the areas of apparel, healthcare, beauty, cosmetics, footwear, bag, accessories, home decoration, café, restaurant and hypermarket. Acıbadem Akasya is where the famous French café&delicatessen brand Fauchon enters the Turkish retail space for the first time. Moreover, the leading U.S. home decoration brand Crate&Barrel meet its guests and the globally-renowned Victoria’s Secret presents featuring the full roster of its Secret Pink Collection.



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